Friday, October 23, 2015

Late 1950s/early 1960s Gathered Skirt using Vintage Butterick 2294

One of Australia's biggest fabric stores, Spotlight, recently had a 40% off sale. So like any keen seamstress I made a date to take myself over to the one nearest to where I live. When I was there I found this amazing retro printed mid-weight cotton drill fabric that just screamed at me to make something out of it.

Amazing kitschy 1950s Mexico Travel Advertisements Fabric Print

Coincidentally, I also recently acquired about 40 vintage sewing patterns from the 1950s and 1960s off a friend whose Grandmother was a keen sewer. So I sifted through the bag I'd been given and found the perfect vintage pattern: Butterick 2294.

I'm not sure exactly when the pattern was printed as there is no date on the package but judging from the hairstyle of the model on the front of the envelope, I'd place it from the very early 1960s.

This pattern is super simple - all that is required is three rectangular pieces of fabric that are gathered into the waistband. I made view B. The pattern was slightly too small for me so I adjusted the waistband by a few inches but didn't bother enlarging the rectangles themselves. As my body shape is quite rectangular (not a mid-20th century hourglass) the less bulk in the gathered waistline the better.

Finished skirt with a petticoat underneath

It only took me one afternoon on a weekend - probably about 4 hours altogether. Overall I'm super pleased with it and I've got lots of comments when I've worn it. I'll definitely be making this pattern again with some other fabric I bought in the sale!

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