Sunday, April 26, 2015

'History, Bitches' gets undressed with: Bodies, Stays and Busks

Stay Busks, 18th-19th Centuries. Victoria & Albert Museum

My next podcast with Brittany from 'History, Bitches' is up! In this podcast we discuss bodies, stays and busks, and more particularly their influence on early modern sexuality and courtship practices. Much of the discussion is based on my article that's been published in the Journal of Gender and History, available here.

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

'History, Bitches' gets Undressed with: The Farthingale

Royal, military and court costumes of the time of James I, ART Vol. c91 no.6d, Shakespeare Folger Library

Recently I recorded two podcasts with my friend Brittany who I've had the pleasure of meeting whilst a visiting research student at Kings College London.

Brittany runs the 'History, Bitches' podcast series that explores women's history through the lens of provocative women and re-considers the contentious legacies they’ve left behind. As part of her new series where she is interviewing researchers in the field of women's history, she asked me if I'd like to take part.

In part one we look at one aspect of my research - the farthingale, whilst in part two we discuss bodies and busks (including the content of my published article on busks and sexual desire).

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I hope you enjoy!