Saturday, August 30, 2014

New 1950s Yellow Summer Cotton Dress

Last weekend I went to the annual Fifties Fair at the iconic Rose Seidler House in Sydney. For the event I decided to make a summer day dress that was light and functional (as I was rock and roll dancing at the fair). 

I've actually made this dress already and I wrote about it in this blog post. The pattern I used was B5603, which is a Butterick reprint of a vintage pattern in their archives from 1956. Like before, I made option number three. All up it only cost me about AU$50! 


The dress is made from a light cotton fabric and the lining is a pale yellow cotton/poly blend. It has an invisible zip down the side and I placed a separate tulle underskirt underneath to puff out the skirts. If you wanted to you could add as many as these petticoats as your desire (details on where I got the underskirt are in my previous post). 

Without petticoat
With petticoat

Unfortunately I was having so much fun at the fair, I don't really have any good photos of me wearing it. Although I know a few were taken of men by official photographers at the fair so I'll have to see if I can find those. 

Here are some more detailed pics of the dress:

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