Friday, March 21, 2014

Modern 1920s Dress Patterns from BurdaStyle

So I have this gorgeous red velvet that I bought on whim last year and have been meaning to turn into a 1920s dress. However, as I'm now a full time PhD student with a casual job, and learning French on the side, I don''t have time to draft my own pattern.

There are some great reproduction 1920s patterns out there but the majority are in the US, and when shipping costs $15-20 for a pattern that already cost you $20, it's not that affordable. So in my quest to find an affordable alternative I stumbled across BurdaStyle and their downloadable patterns.

I hadn't really ever looked at Burdastyle before but they actually have some really good stuff, and last year they released some great patterns as part of their 'Roaring Twenties' inspired line. Whilst most of the patterns are much more modern with a hint of art deco, there are a couple that could be very easily adapted (mainly lengthening skirt hems) to make some plausible 20s dresses.

Cowl Neck Dress 07/2012 #102

This dress would make a fantastic late 1920s dress as biased cuts (that would become typical of the 1930s) were starting to appear in fashion during this time. 

Some period examples and fashion plates that show similar styles include:

Jean Patou, 1928-1929, The Goldstein Museum of Design
The MET - I think?

Chanel Dress, 1928-29,  MET

The other dress in the collection that I think would make a great 1920s outfit is this one. This style is also more of an 'all rounder', it was style of day dress that was common throughout the decade. For a plausible costume, the skirt of pattern would however need to be lengthened somewhat.

Godet Dress 07/2012 #112

It is similar to the dress on the left from 1923 in this fashion plate.

Or the one in the middle from this one later in the decade:
Three Butterick Patterns from Delineator, December 1928

With some easy modifications these patterns could be made into some awesome 1920s outfits, and the best thing? They only cost $5 to download!

For my next 1920s outfil I'll be using the first pattern mentioned in this blog post, so keep an eye on my blog for that pattern review and the finished product.


  1. Thanks for posting this, looking forward to seeing what you make!

  2. But surely isnt a pain to have to download and print the pattern out and piece them together to then cut them out in your size