Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Document Focus: 1912 Corset Advertisements from Mark Foy's Catalogue, Sydney

Following on from my previous blog post with images from an 1895 Anthony Hordern & Sons catalogue, here are some images from another Australian department store that used to be in Sydney.

Mark Foy's department store was located in Liverpool Street in Sydney (their previous premises before 1909 was in Oxford Street from 1885). In fact I drive past the former premises every day to work, and the 'Mark Foy's' lettering on the old building is still very visible.
The beauty of the Liverpool street store made it one of Australia's foremost fashion stores and the one that had Australia's first escalator.

These images come from a store catalogue from 1912.

I love the artistic works that are in most catalogue from their era such as the one above.

And for those interested in a 1912 corset see above!

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