Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Recreating 16th & 17th-century Costume with Foam Packaging | Suzanne Jongmans

How cool is this?

These images are the work of Dutch artist Suzanne Jongmans who re-creates famous works by sixteenth and seventeenth-century Flemish artists, substituting their painted portraits, that "laid the foundations for photography", with modern photographic ones.
"Since 2007 I have been working on the series 'foam sculptures': caps and collars, inspired by 16th and 17th century paintings, made from materials currently used for packaging and insulation. This is also an inferior material which is often discarded after use. By using this material I make a reference to consumerism and the rapid circulation of materials. With these foam sculptures, but also an i-pod, a tattoo and a foot in plaster, we end up in the 21st century.
I use the elements in the present as in the past, the objects in my work are used as symbols of values. I mutate old costumes into new plastics and old masters in new photographic works. By using time foreign materials, plastics and techno's, I am creating a time crux, a tension of time."

Her portrait of a young girl is clearly a recreation of the young Spanish Infanta Margaret Theresa by Diego Velázquez.

Prinses Eva, Suzanne Jongmans, 2010

Las Meninas by Diego Velázquez, 1656
Others like this one I know I have seen before but I can't pin point where!

I think this is an awesome idea and one that pays off really well, most costumers can't get their garments to look this good when using traditional materials and construction methods.

I can't wait to see what other paintings she recreates! Check out more of Suzanne's work on her website via this link.

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