Monday, September 9, 2013

American Duchess Giveaway!

The talented Lauren at American Duchess is having a giveaway!!

I must admit I do not own any of the American Duchess range simply because I am relatively new to the world of historical costuming and well, as yet I haven't had anywhere to wear my creations. :(

I do however ADORE her Astoria Edwardian range and could definitely wear them with modern outfits, but I guess I'll have to wait for the next pre-order to get those babies in my size as they are sold out.

Also, one day when I save up the $$ for the shoes and the postage (damn you Australia why do you have to be so far away?!), I will also purchase a pair of her "Pompadour" French Court Shoes (1680-1740) or her "Kensington" 18th Century Leather Shoes to wear with my planned 1660s and 1770s gowns.

Anyway so the pair she is giving away is her newest and probably most wearable design, the "Claremont" 1930s Oxfords. I already own a cheap pair of Oxfords, after all every girl needs a good pair of oxfords, but these are something else - real leather and real attention to detail. I remember when Lauren had a poll on her blog asking whether her customers would prefer them in a black or a brown. I voted black simply because I feel like black goes with more items in my wardrobe, however overwhelmingly the other ladies in the costuming world brown and that's why, for the mean time, they are only available in brown.

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Goodluck! :)

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