Monday, September 23, 2013

A 1908 Poiret sketch: The inspiration for Rose's 'jump dress' in Titanic?

I was doing some research for a blog I'm writing for the Powerhouse Museum on corsets and fashion in the early 20th century when I came across this sketch by French fashion designer Poiret from 1908.

Les Robes de Paul by Poiret 1908

Is it just me or does the red dress on the right hand side look strikingly familiar to the red dress that the character Rose wears in the film 'Titanic' when she contemplates suicide?


Although the skirt detail is a little different (the beading at the bottom and the layering), the top of the dress looks an awful lot like the sketch, notably the beaded bodice with the sheer neckline and sleeves.


I'm sure that the film's costume designer Deborah Lee-Scott pulled inspiration from somewhere, I wonder if this was it? Although by 1912 you'd think Rose would have been a little out of fashion?

What do you think?

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