Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Hollywood Costumes Exhibition comes to the ACMI in Australia!

So over the weekend I flew to Melbourne to see the 'Hollywood Costume' exhibition which is currently being held at the ACMI (Australian Centre of Moving Image). The exhibition was developed at the V&A in London and after having a great run there they brought it to Australia which is awesome!

"Direct from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Hollywood Costume explores the central role costume design plays in cinema storytelling. Bringing together the most iconic costumes from a century of filmmaking... Hollywood Costume illuminates the costume designer's creative process from script to screen and reveals the collaborative dialogue that leads to the development of authentic screen characters."

As well as seeing the exhibition, I also purchased the book that accompanies the exhibition and it is brilliant. It chronicles the whole history of costume design in Hollywood film and even has a few interesting academic articles from familiar names like Aileen Ribeiro and my favourite, Valerie Steele.

I wasn't supposed to take photos in the exhibition, but really who follows those rules? I've posted some of the sneaky shots I took below. Enjoy!

There were also some other costumes on display at the ACMI, including those from the recent Great Gatsby!

And 1998's Elizabeth:

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  1. Great work! It is great to have the original costumes to look at. Thanks! Liz