Sunday, April 28, 2013

1910s Evening Gown: Mood Board

After seeing a beautiful Edwardian gown ca. 1910 the other during my work with the Powerhouse Museum I’ve decided to make one myself - depending on how I go I might even make two, an evening gown and a tea dress.
Below are a few photos that have sparked my interest. I might buy a basic pattern and alter it to fit what I want. I’ll have to start sketching a few designs over the next few days…


I love this sketch by Deborah Lynn Scott from Titanic. This dress is worn by Rose’s mother Ruth. I love the colours and the design.

Another picture is of the actress who played Madeleine Astor, again she is wearing similar colours.

I quite like the idea of a gold/cream coloured base with sheer black lace, point d’esprit or sheer beaded fabric over the top.

I went to Lincraft during my lunch break today and had a look. I found this beautiful creamy-gold satin fabric and some black lace. I thought the combination looked lovely together:


I love the design of Rose’s ‘jump’ dress from Titanic. The layers of beaded and sheer fabric over the top of the red under material is divine.

This dress from the V&A collection is also divine, and the love the draping of the skirt.

I also really like the design of this dress from Janet Arnold’s patterns of fashion, although there’s not enough going on at the front for me…

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